Operating Principles

PULSARLUBE M, a single-point automatic grease dispenser is designed to ensure reliable lubrication and cut lubrication costs with an advanced electric control mechanism. It consists of a vertical feed pump, motor/gear set, and microprocessor control system, allowing operating pressure up to 20kg-f/cm2 (280psi).

The lubricant is supplied in 125cc or 250cc PULSARLUBE M pouch. Grease pouch and battery pack are replaceable in one package. PULSARLUBE M is designed to operate across a wide temperature range from -15 to +60°C

A carefully selected full range of high performance lubricants enables accurate selection of grease : i.e. mineral based multipurpose, heavy duty, high speed, fully synthetic food grade(USDA H1), high temperature and cold temperature lubricants. PULSARLUBE M optional dispensing rates from 1 to 12 months in a single unit. 


Adjustment Guidelines

In the chart below are some guidelines for bearing lubrication requirements. Requirements may vary with individual bearing types or operating conditions. Always refer to the bearing manufacturers maintenance guide if uncertain of the required greasing rate



Grease pouch

125cc or 250cc

Power Supply

DC 4.5V (replaceable)

Operating Pressure

up to 20kg-f/cm2 :280psi

Operating Temperature

from -15 to +60°C


Temperature range can be varied by either a relative humidity or heat radiation in the application.

Lube dispensing rate

1,2,3,6, and 12months

Lube cycle

approx. 20 seconds/cycle

Dispensing volume


Dispensing accuracy


Output thread



3/8" (NTP or BSP)

LCD Screen displays

Dispensing rate set


Time left till replacement


Low battery power


Motor Overload


Low grease level


Error Message

Ball & Roller Bearings

Bearing Shaft Diameter

125 cc

Dispensing Equivalents

250 cc

Dispensing Equivalents

121 ~ 305 mm

(4-3/4" ~ 12")



Half month

16.6 cc/day

105 ~ 120 mm

(4-1/8" ~ 4-3/4")

Half month

8.3 cc/day

1 month

 8.3 cc/day

88 ~ 104 mm

(3-1/2" ~ 4-1/8")

1 month

4.2 cc/day

2 month

 4.2 cc/day

79 ~ 87 mm

(3-1/8" ~ 3-1/2")

2 month

2.1 cc/day

3 month

 2.8 cc/day

63 ~ 78 mm

(2-1/2 " ~ 3")

3 month

1.4 cc/day

6 month

 1.4 cc/day

49 ~ 62 mm

(2" ~ 2-1/2")

6 month

0.7 cc/day

12 month

 0.7 cc/day

25 ~ 48 mm

(1" ~ 2")

12 month

0.3 cc/day



Grease Selection Guidelines


Grease Type



Multi Purpose

High performance NLGI 2EP grease for multipurpose application to moderately high temperature or loaded applications.  (Green)


Heavy Duty

High performance NLGI 2EP grease for heavy-duty applications.  Dark gray colored (contains MoS2).


High Speed

High performance NLGI 1 grease specially designed for high-speed applications (above 3,000 rpm).


Food Grade

USDA H1 rated NLGI 1 High performance Aluminum Complex grease for food applications.


High Temperature

Fully synthetic high performance NLGI 2 grease for extreme temperature applications.


Multi Purpose

Yellowish colored PL1 for applications where use of dark color grease is not desirable.


Cold Temperature

High performance EP grease specially designed for cold temperature applications      (below 0ºC/32ºF).

OEM filling is available on demand.  For specific terms and conditions, please contact your local distributor or the manufacturer



Insert the PULSARLUBE M BATTERY PACK into the battery compartment of main unit. Unscrew the cap of PULSARLUBE M GREASE POUCH. Position the pouch outlet onto the pump suction inlet. Fit the Top cover to main unit. Be careful! It is high-tension spring-loaded and needs caution.

Turn a new PULSARLUBE M on by depressing the POWER button for two seconds. And then confirm LCD turned on and red LED blinks. As long as LCD is displayed, the unit is working. To test unit operation, simply follow the FUNCTION TEST MODE:

  • Depress POWER button first and then depress 125/250cc button within next 2 seconds.
  • Unit will continuously operate unless POWER button is depressed.
  • To deactivate FUNCTION TEST MODE, depress POWER button again. Unit will stop testing within less than 2 seconds.

For any malfunction or trouble encountered, please refer to troubleshooting guideline.

Depress MODE button to set dispensing rate. Each time MODE button is depressed; the dispensing rate changes from 1,2,3,6, and 12 month.

AS-003-2-E-b.jpg AS-003-2-E-c.jpg 


Service pack is also available at 250CC


Red light: Warning

Starts blinking when one of the following situations occurs:

  • low battery
  • motor overload
  • low amount of fat
  • other abnormal situation

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