The know-how of metered lubrication








The wide range of lubricants reaching from high viscosity grease to a thin fluid oil implicates widely varying needs for supply lubricating pumps. Standard pump are commonly available for hydraulic applications may be used for oil. In contrast, the properties of greasy lubricants do not comply to Newton's law, and in fact, high performance suction pumps may be required to handle some greases. The most common solution for
optimal and economic delivery of high viscosity lubricant (of class NLGI 1 to 3) is the use of the well-known pneumatic piston pump. Pressures of  50 to 150 bar are not uncommon if long transport pipes are used. Piston pumps are well capable to generate such pressure.






Grease and oil lubricant may be applied by various techniques. For applicants in assembly processes, the use of volumetric metering valves have become widely accepted methods. A main advantage of these valves is their simplicity and reliability. A volumetric metering valve comprises an adjustable dosage chamber for the medium and an integrated pneumatic cylinder serving as an actuator. The medium is conveyed to the metering valve directly from its original grease container, by a pneumatic piston pump. the valve is controlled by means of a 5/2-way valve.