When handling engine oil, special safety precautions must be taken to protect man and the environment from detrimental effects. It is known that just one drop of oil can pollute up to one million litres of water. We have therefore developed a system with which you can perform an oil change absolutely safely and cleanly regardless of whether in a workshop, a garage, a courtyard or even on a building site. With the safety oil drain valve, you are optimally equipped even when the connection of extraction units or partial flow filters are involved. The valves are fitted for copper seals as a standard feature, on request we can naturally supply customised valves, e.g. with an O-ring.


Brass valve with O-ring
(customised valve)


Brass valve


Steel valve

In order to drain the oil, these connectors are simply screwed onto the valve. The valve does not open until the screw connection has been made. An oil change therefore becomes a cleaner and safer job.


The valve simply replaces the existing oil drain screw on the oil sump. As soon as an oil change is needed, screw off the protective cap and screw on the drain hose. The valve does not open until this hose is firmly screwed on; the oil can then flow into a container underneath. When the hose nozzle is undone, the valve closes automatically and you merely have to screw the protective cap on again. That's how to change oil nowadays: safely, conveniently and without any tools.

The advantages

Very easy handling without skilled personnel; the drain screw cannot be lost; no risk of burns from hot oil; it is not necessary to change the seal; the oil sump thread is protected; dual sealing features (protective cap and valve); Viton seal heat-resistant up to 240°C; contact-free discharge into a sealed container or oil drain system; connection to oil pumps possible; no space problems above machine assemblies, axles or other components; metered draining for sampling or removing water possible. Do you really need even more advantages or are you already convinced?

Oil sump with safety
oil drain valve
Unscrew protective capScrew on connectorDrain oil
 Unscrew connectorScrew on protective capFinished!
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Order No.Valve sizeConnection
Oil drain valves
OAV.M.12X150-AKM12 x 1.5M22 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.12X125-AKM12 x 1.25M22 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.14X150-AKM14 x 1.5M22 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.16X150-AKM16 x 1.5M22 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.18X150-AGM18 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.20X150-AGM20 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.21X150-AGM21 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.22X125-AGM22 x 1.25M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.22X150-AGM22 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.22X175-AGM22 x 1.75M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.24X150-AGM24 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machined
OAV.M.26X200-AGM26 x 2.0M26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machined
OAV.M.26X150-AGM26 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machined
OAV.M.28X150-AGM28 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.30X150-AGM30 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machined
OAV.M.30X200-AGM30 x 2.0M26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machined
OAV.M.32X150-AGM32 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machined
OAV.M.33x200-AGM33 x 2.0M26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machined
OAV.M.34X150-AGM34 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.M.36X200-AGM36 x 2.0M26 x 1.5Brass rough-machined
OAV.M.38X150-AGM38 x 1.5M26 x 1.5Brass rough-machined
OAV.M.38X200-AGM38 x 2.0M26 x 1.5Brass rough-machined
OAV.UNF.081/2" UNFM22 x 1.5Steel
OAV.UNF.123/4" UNFM26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.UNF.135/8" UNFM26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.UNF.147/8" UNFM26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.UNF.161 UNFM26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machine
OAV.UNF.161 1/8" UNFM26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machine
OAV.UNF.181 1/16" UNM26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machine
OAV.UNF.201 5/16" UNM26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machine
OAV.UNF.241 1/2" UNFM26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machine
OAV.BSP.04G = R 1/4"M22 x 1.5Steel
OAV.BSP.06G = R 3/8"M22 x 1.5Steel
OAV.BSP.08G = R 1/2"M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.BSP.10G = R 5/8"M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.BSP.12G = R 3/4"M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.BSP.14G = R 7/8"M26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.BSP.16G = R 1"M26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machined
OAV.BSP.161" NPTM26 x 1.5Brass, rough-machined
OAV.BSP.123/4" NPTM26 x 1.5Steel
OAV.ATS.M22RConnectorM22 x 1.5Hose 25cm
OAV.ATS.M22HConnectorM22 x 1.5with 90° angle 25cm
OAV.ATS.M26RConnectorM26 x 1.5Hose 25cm
OAV.ATS.M26HConnectorM26 x 1.5with 90° angle 25cm